Allissondra’s Story

Allissondra’s Story

I came across this blog while browsing through some mommy blogs and just wanted to share the link with everyone. As I’m sure we all do, I sometimes have days where I think: why  is life this hard? And then I stumble across a story like this, and have to admit that the “hardships” that  I consider overwhelming are nothing compared to what others go through. This girl is such a little fighter, I don’t know her or her family, but I thought by sharing this, perhaps someone who lives in their area can support or help with the upcoming 5K walk they are having in September. 

Best wishes to all of you, 



Vacation in the Mountains (Engelberg/CH)


Our mini-getaway into the quiet, peaceful and serene mountains is officially over. 

We had a wonderful time, and I therefor thought I would share with all of you some pictures of our little journey to Engelberg. 

The train ride there was absolutely amazing; such gorgeous scenery, you don’t get bored one bit on the 2 hour train ride (with transit). We brought some snacks with us and had a blast. 



ImageImagehe water in the streams was soooo cold and clear, it was unbelievable. 



View of town from the Brunni Gondola. We didn’t end up going all the way to the top for many reasons; including probably the most important one: a tired toddler. There were lots of activities at the first stop though, which I will share with you in the next post. Until then, thanks for reading 🙂




Inspired By: Nature and Travel

Originally I had thought I would start an entirely new blog (Newly Inspired Me). I decided against this when I went back to one of my old blogs (GoodThingsInTrees), and saw how many people liked/commented some of the posts, so I transfered them all into this whole new blog, incl. all of the older posts. 

Since then (2011) a lot has happened, including a recent move to Switzerland from Canada due to my husband’s job. I miss many things about Canada, but one of the best things about Switzerland (aside from family yey!) is having the ability to travel only short distances and yet getting to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. 

So far we haven’t done much traveling, as we’ve only been here 2 months. We have however acquired a “half card” for traveling with public transport in Switzerland. In short, it basically allows you to travel by train, bus, tram or boat for half the price of a regular fare. Such card only costs ~$150/year and is well worth it in my opinion. Kids under 6 are free to travel all throughout Switzerland, on any method of transport. Kids ages 6 -16 get to purchase a Junior Card for ~$30/year and enjoy free travel when with an adult. 

So tomorrow will be our first little adventure since arriving here in June. We are going to Engelberg, which is near Lucerene (which some of you may have heard of). 

I’ve never been, but it looks nice. I got the inspiration to book our 3-day getaway from this blog. I find this woman’s posts so motivational and inspirational. She gives very specific details as to where you should take kids hiking, during what time of the year, and how to get there. She also details how difficult or easy some hiking trails, mountains and areas are for toddlers/young kids. 

If you check her blog, she talks about a “tickle trail”, which I am so hoping we can do, because it sounds like too much fun to miss. It is basically a path of different sensory objects (for feet lol) around a small lake. You walk over stones, then through mud, then over wood etc. 

I hope the weather holds up! Today it’s pouring rain, but tomorrow should look better. Hopefully our first little adventure will be a success. 

Pictures to follow 🙂 


Inspired By: My daughter!

The other day we were in a hurry to get somewhere (of course I can’t remember where), but I just knew we needed to get there as soon as possible. The sun was so bright, and so very hot; it was humid and sticky and just altogether not a nice day to be out and about. 

My 3 year old daughter usually sits in a stroller if we need to do some shopping or get somewhere in a hurry, but on this particular day she exclaimed that she would rather walk. 
I was getting increasingly frustrated, having to call out to her over and over about how she should please hurrrryyyyyy. To this, she kept calling backwaaaiiiittttt, waiiiiit mommmy. I finally asked, wait for what?? It’s so hot, and yucky and we have things that need to get done.  She looks at me and says, but I wanted to smell this pretty flower and points to flowers by the sidewalk. 
This moment totally redefined the common saying to “stop and smell the roses along the way”. I smiled and said ok hunny, let’s do that. Mind you the flowers did not smell like anything at all, but it made her happy to be able to take in something so simple and truly appreciate the beauty of it. 
She very much inspires me to take a moment to look at everything around me and value and appreciate it’s beauty.
Thank you for reading, 

Inspired By: A different kind of “mommy blog”

This blog is mostly meant to serve as a public, online diary to attain more positivity and inspiration in my life. Looking back over the years, I realize how my way of thinking and reflecting on life has changed quite a bit. Of course as one gets older, priorities in life change and the world starts to look differently; nevertheless I feel there is a part of me that got left behind, and that part is what I shall call my “inspirational vein”. Quite frankly, I used to be inspired by almost everything around me. People, places, food, jobs, professionals etc. all had their own very inspiring qualities. I used to sit amongst a group of people and think: wow these people have so much life experience, I hope to one day achieve what they have achieved in life!

Over the years and many mommy blogs and birth boards and mom groups (not all) later, my way of thinking started to change. I mean, becoming a mother is a reward and challenge in of itself, but to be drowned in social pressure of this whole “mom business” is something else entirely. I would now sit amongst a group of women and think quite negatively about myself and my achievements, or shall I say the lack thereof.

Ultimately, I no longer saw a diaper clothing, full time working, exclusively breastfeeding mom (for example) as an inspiration to me; I now viewed this person as having an ability that I do not have, and hence having an expectation of myself that I know I wouldn’t achieve. I started feeling like I am falling short on things that I should be doing, but am not achieving. And this is not just parenting-related. I started to loose confidence in my ability to excel and achieve things that makes me unique. I suppose you could say I was no longer inspired by myself.

I strive to change this mentality and regain a more positive attitude in life, for myself, my daughter, husband and family. I have so many wonderful things in my life that I am grateful for and inspired by, and I believe this is a good start to documenting and openly reflecting on those precise things.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

You are now 8 months old, and what can I say…
You bring more joy to me each and every single day.
Every minute of every day brings something new
and there’s no better way to spend those moments, other than with you.

You are so bright, so happy, so smart,
and best of all: you have the biggest heart!
You give me kisses like there’s no tomorrow,
and take away any sadness or sorrow.

You learn from me and your baba too,
but what I love the most is that I learn from you.
You teach me to care for us, and others in the world
Because soon you will grow, and become a big girl.
And when you do, I want you to be able to say:
Mommy really cared for me in the best of every way.
I want you to grow up in a world that is better than ever
because surely an angel like you, deserves happiness and health that lasts forever.


Overcoming Illnesses and Finding A New Routine

The past week and a half have certainly been a challenge. Not only does traveling throw off your internal and external clocks, but it also makes you really really tired. I was so fatigued by day 3, that I was quite surprised that the universe would want to exhaust me even more by giving my little one a virus. I woke up at  night thinking baby was still not used to the time difference, and before I knew if the carpet and I were both drenched in baby vomit. She seemed totally fine at that point, so I thought maybe she just had too much to eat. Then, 30 minutes later, she developed a fever of 38.7 degrees. I called the on-call doctor, who gave me an appointment for 10 a.m. Baby napped for an hour and woke up so… sad and exhausted and in pain, my heart really broke seeing her like that. The doctor informed me that this was probably a “24 hour bug”. I was like, hey I can manage that. Only 48 hours later I was still dealing with a mildly feverish baby and profuse diarrhea after every feeding.  As the days passed, the fever did too, but the diarrhea did not. I self-diagnosed poor baby thanks to Dr.Google, and guessed this must be the Rotavirus. Apparently 90%+ of diarrhea cases in infants and toddlers (in Canada) are due to this virus. Not that I really care what it was, I just wanted it to be over. They say parenting is hard… I’d like to add that parenting a sick baby is even harder. The poor girl was so clingy, it was difficult getting things done around the house and being sympathetic to my sweet 8 months old situation.

Oh well, it is mostly over now. After 7 days of non-stop diarrhea and crying bouts and constant breast feeding, I feel like I mastered another parenting skill that non-parents do not have: vacuuming, while baby wearing my little one. Oh the back ache. Not to mention trying to hold hands out of diarrhea diapers. Yuk.

So now that the virus is mostly gone, my baby is a bit more peaceful. I have this strange feeling though that she is starting to develop stranger anxiety. Yesterday I was waiting for the elevator in my apartment building, and this nice older gentleman was cooing at Samo and she started crying. Boo. Babies go through so many changes in their first few years, I really feel bad for them. The world must seem like such a big, strange world to them. That’s exactly why I love the co-sleeping and extra snuggles at night.

We are slowly trying to find a daily routine, and with Spring around the corner, I think we will have some great things to do in the next couple of months. I am looking forward to being able to take her to the park, and the playground. I can’t wait for her to be old enough to start understanding more things, and capable of telling or indicating to me what she wants. I just… can’t wait, I’m so excited! At the same time, I’m really trying to enjoy these “baby days” as much as possible, because she is growing up so quickly, and I will never have this time back. Soon enough she will be a toddler and I will miss these days.

Days 12-19

I’m still doing the Project 365! Hard to believe since I haven’t posted in quite some time. Being on vacation, visiting family that I won’t see again for a while, leaves me little to no time to update my little blog. Anyways, I have been incredibly busy taking lots of pictures for everyone to see. My parents, my husband , baby and I took a lovely trip to a town called “Appenzell” in the Swiss mountain region, and ate lots of cheese. We also took a trip up the Saentis mountain, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the famous swiss alps. I am now back in Canada, and must admit I’m having a difficult time re-adjusting to the mundane daily routine here. I know that it will take some time to get used to life here again, but for now, I have lots of wonderful photos to look at when I’m missing my family the most. I do enjoy being in my own home now though, especially now that Ibtissam (my daughter) is getting older. It’s so incredibly difficult to be on the move and away with a little one.